Do you want to know what goes around in your pets’ mind? Then a consultation on animal telepathy is the perfect solution. 

But what is an animal interpreter, animal telepathy or communication with animals exactly?
Just a short explanation: This communication form is tuning in on the 'frequency' of an animal, making it possible to intuitively exchange information. Every living being has its own 'extension number'. You can compare this with a telephone connection or radio and TV channels. A picture works as a portal to get to the same frequency as the animal, which allows contact to be made.

Jong Spirit offers a animal consultation:     

Animal Consultation:

This consultation is a good option if you want to know how your pet is feeling right now. You get answers to questions like: What does your pet like and dislike? How is your animal feeling, physically and emotionally? What are it’s needs? Are their changes that need to be made? Does your animal-friend have any messages for you? It’s interesting to get insights on the experience of your pet.

You can ask alsof specific questions, for example about health, behaviour or fears that your animal is struggling with. 

How a consultation works:

You send in a picture of your pet (one with only your pet on it) to Please mention your pets’ name and gender and whether you want basic- or premium consultation. In case you ask for a premium consultation, you can write your question(s) in the e-mail too.

A consultation is 55 euro’s.

The consultation will take place after the payment is received on account number: NL02 KNAB 0257 9357 70, BIC: KNABNL2H
BIC Intermediary: ABNANL2A to Jong Spirit
 city: Apeldoorn. Please mention your pets’ name in the payment.

As for the contact, you will receive an elaborate report of the contact via e-mail. Usually, the contact takes place within a week after the payment. If it is expected to take longer, you will be notified.

Extra information:

  • The telepathic connection can also be made with animals that have passed away.
  • Consultations are only done for owners or caretakers of this particular animals, since only they can do something with the gained information.
  • You are always the one responsible for your pets’ wellbeing. This consultation is meant only to pass on your animals message. Not all animals are conscious of what is going on in their body. They mainly mention how they experience things. In case of doubts or worries, please consult a veterinarian!
  • No consultations will be done for missing animals.
  • Celerity consultations can be discussed for an extra 25 euros