A good reason to consider doing a photo analysis for your child:

Many children struggle with fears physical-/emotional complaints. If they are too young to be able to verbally communicate, it can be hard for a parent or caretaker to understand what the child needs. Photo-analysis is a good way to get insights in what’s going on so that you can take action.

Photo-analysis is done by sending a picture of your child, via which contact can be made. The picture works as a portal to get to the same frequency as the child, which allows contact to be made. During the contact information will surface from the core of the child. The photo-analysis can be about emotions, fears, physical complaints, wishes, needs or causes of behaviour. It gives your child a voice, which allows you, as a parent, to adjust to the unique and personal needs of your child.

Perks of this form of support:

-       Your child can keep doing its daily life in their own environment.

-       Towards the child, there is no pressure on problems or restrictions.

-       As a parent you get insights on your child’s experience.

-       You get a report on the analysis, which you can re-read at any moment.

-       In the report, advice and tips will be given, which you can apply immediately.

How an analysis works:

You send in a picture of your child (one with only him/her on it) to info@jongspirit.nl. Please mention your kids’ name and age and specific questions you want to be answered. It is important to be very clear about what you want to get answered on, so that those questions can be worked out thoroughly.

A photo-analysis costs 75 euro’s. The contact will take place after the payment is received on account number: NL95INGB0004501147, BIC: INGBNL2A, H. de Jong, Apeldoorn. Please mention your child’ name in the payment.

As for the contact, you will receive an elaborate report of the contact, including tips and advices, via e-mail. Usually, the contact takes place within a week after the payment. If it is expected to take longer, you will be notified.

Extra information:

  • Permission of both parents/caretakers is required.
  • This form of support is not a replacement for regular medical trajectories. In case of problems with medical or psychological causes, I recommend consulting a doctor or medical expert.