This is a useful and fun course for anyone who interacts with children. For you as a parent or caretaker, but also for babysitters and people that work with children.

The goal of this course is to interact with children from a relaxed and strong mind-set. This way you can get on the same level as the child and so the mutual understanding increases.

One part of this course is to learn to be open to signals and your own intuition. What do you feel already? What do you pick up on? What happens in your gut? If you listen to this, you will find that interaction with children will go smoother. Children are sensitive and react strongly to your inner world. This is why it is important to be aware of yourself and your influence on your surroundings. Kids are great mirrors and can therefore help you in getting more self-conscious.

If you work with children you get thrown into the moment. This can be hard because we are often stuck in our thinking. We do everything in our power to prevent bad things from happening, to solve all problems immediately and above all, to be in control. This takes a lot of energy. An important subject in the course is to learn to pay attention to relaxation with balance as a result. This makes for a positive interaction with children.

This is a flexible course, in which there is a lot of room to zoom in on specific problems.

If you want to follow this course in English, send a email to discuss the possibilities.