This is a fun course for everyone who is curious to know how telepathy works. Telepathy is a different way of communicating, because it involves non-verbal communication.

It may seem invisible, but subconsciously we all use this way of communicating. It is in your feeling, your knowing, your gut, your ‘you see, I knew it!’-feeling, which is why this course is suitable for everyone. We can all access our intuition.

The goal of this course is to be open and to recognize how telepathic communication works for you. Everyone picks up on information in different ways. During this course, you get insights on how this information gets caught up on and how you can understand and interpret this.

This course is broad and flexible. The base is telepathy and this can be used in different ways; whether it’s communicating with children, animals, deceased, guides, angels, plants or even aliens or other spirits, you can do anything if you master the base of telepathy. The course unfolds itself and can adapt to the customers’ wants and needs.

If you want to follow this course in English, send a email to discuss the possibilities.