In may 2007, Jong Spirit was founded by Karina de Jong. The goal was and is to bring people and animals closer together and increase the understanding between them. This goal is being worked on by offering courses on animal communication and consultations for animal telepathy.

A positive result of the animal communication course is that many participants have started their own practises, after following a course. They have rediscovered their ability to communicate telepathically. This is amazing, because this way more pet-owners get to know their pets better, because everyone has their own acquaintances, who can then discover the phenomenon that is animal communication.

Another great thing is that, after a consultation, owners are often very surprised by the insights and lessons that animals can offer them. The tips they are handed in the reports of the consultations, are immediately applicable. This results in positive reactions from the animals to the changed behaviour of their owners.

In short, you can make a difference! It is fantastic to help people see that animals have their own way of experiencing the world and that they pick up on way more things then people would suspect. Above all they can teach us many things by mirroring us.

The telepathic contact with animals is extended to contacting young kids that aren’t yet able to express themselves verbally. This contact is called photo-analysis. The past few years books and articles on the fascinating world of children and animals.

Jong Spirit represents open mindedness, curiosity and the willingness to learn. Discovery, movement, power, genuine care and growth in everyone’s own potential, complemented with light-heartedness and humour!

Broaden your horizon and discover your own truth!