This course is fantastic for all animals lovers. You learn to communicate with animals in a telepathic way. This may seem impossible, but everyone can learn to do this, because we all have our own intuitive qualities.

You will rediscover how telepathic communication works for you and how you pick up on information that animals give you and how you can give them information in return.

This course is fun and educational, theoretical information gets supplemented with practical tasks. We will do visualisation exercises, meditations and a opportunities to try it yourself. You will learn a lot about animals, communication with owners and causes of behaviour, fears and physical complaints.

Experience teaches that the course is easy to get in to, so you can practise your newly gained skills and knowledge in a safe environment. Everyone that takes part in the course can pictures of all kinds of animals, preferable ones that you know, which can also be your friends’ pets. A fun fact is that animal communication is possible with every animal. So bring pictures of for example your brothers’ lizard, your neighbours’ cow or your aunts’ chicken, everything is possible! It is very interesting to get to know more about the experience of different species.

If you want to follow this course in English, send a email to discuss the possibilities.